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Who We Are

Luff Farms was established in 1955 by Francis and Katherine Luff. Their main enterprise was dairy farming, however, they were also involved in growing vegetables, grains, and hay. They retired from dairy farming in 1970 but continued selling several kinds of vegetables at their roadside stand. Farming and vegetable sales continued through the years and bridged three generations. Their daughter, Janice Charles, with help from William Beck, have continued growing garlic and vegetables on a smaller scale since 2000.

Janice has now included her son Kurt Lanning and his wife Lori into their endeavors. This four-partner team plans to increase all facets of Luff Farms by building upon the family's long history of farming without use of pesticides. In December of 2017 we were awarded as "Certified Naturally Grown" and look forward to obtaining other important designations as we deem necessary.

Our mission at Luff Farms is to build and sustain an organic community that rewards all that are in involved with the production of our goods and services. By promoting conservation and "intelligent farming" practices, we strive to build a better understanding of important environmental values which will therefore help us all strive to save our planet.

Naturally Grown Products

Gourmet Garlic

Luff Farms produces six types of Gourmet Garlic (Asian Tempest, Chesnok Red, German White, German Red, Majestic, Music). Medicinal Benefits

Asian Tempest


This garlic can be harvested as early as June depending on the winter. It stores well through winter. Asiatic garlic, originally from Korea, typically has about 7 to 8 cloves per bulb. They're generally large bulbs with fat cloves. The bulb wrappers are firm, tight and vivid with broad, bold purple stripes merging into areas of solid purple. This hardneck garlic packs a punch if eaten raw, but cooked it develops an intriguing sweet and tangy flavor akin to sweet pepper. Great with stir fry, chicken or pork dishes.

Chesnok Red


This is thought to be among one of the oldest of all garlic originally from the Republic of Georgia. These large bulbs with purple striped wrappers contain 8 to 10 large easy peel cloves. Depending on location, it can be harvested in mid-summer and stores well into winter. It's excellent for cooking, holding its flavor and offering a distinctive, lingering taste. Chesnok Red is the sweetest roasting garlic; it doesn't just taste garlicky, it tastes sweet. Perfect in Garlic Ice Cream!

German White


This garlic is also known as German Extra Hardy, Northern White and German Stiffneck. It's a large, beautiful and well-formed porcelain garlic. Originally from Germany, but grows well in most northern states. It typically has 5 to 7 cloves per bulb and can be stored as many as 9 to 10 months. It harvests in mid-summer. Its flavor is very strong, robust and long lasting. Being a Porcelain garlic, it can be hot when raw, but mellows upon cooking. Good for pesto or hummus; and has a great nutty taste when caramelized.

German Red


This is an old world Rocambole garlic variety from Germany. It has thin bulb wrappers that have a lot of purple and brown in them. The bulbs usually have anywhere from 8 or 9 easy to peel cloves that are of good size with no smaller inner cloves. It harvests in summer, and stores well into mid-winter. This golden garlic adds aromatic flavor to stews, vegetables, and wild game. German Red has a unique flavor that stands out in a dish without overwhelming other flavors. A great garlic for roasting or use in crockpot cooking.



A rare Porcelain garlic, Majestic was popularized by Paul Pospisil and originated in Canada. It generally prefers colder climates and can produce large bulbs up to 3 inches and averages 4 to 6 cloves per bulb. It's harvested in late summer and has a longer than normal storage life; sometimes until the following spring. It's one of the mildest flavored Porcelain garlics and is great served raw in salads. It is also good for stir fry as it does not have an over whelming aroma. It's perfect for those people that are sensitive to strong garlic.



Originally from Germany, Music garlic was brought from Italy through Canada by Al Music. This Porcelain garlic is easy to grow in cold temperatures and very hardy. It's harvested in late summer and produces large bulbs containing 4 to 5 huge cloves and stores well into mid-winter. The clove wrappers have an attractive purple color. It has a very rich taste with medium heat, but is spicy raw. It mellows to a balanced flavor when cooked. It also has a very high content of Allicin, which researchers believe is high in antioxidants.

Chef's Sampler Pack


Can't decide which variety to try? With a Chef's Sampler Pack, you'll get all of our great varieties: Asian Tempest, German White, Majestic, Music, Chesnok Red and German Red. It's the perfect way to experience the taste differences of gourmet garlic. This one pound pack includes a mininum of two bulbs of every variety, each color coded for easy use. Enjoy, and let us know your favorites!


5 types of Woody Ornamentals (Red Twig Dogwood, Yellow Twig Dogwood, Corkscrew Willow, Pussy Willow, Flowering Quince)

Trees & Shrubs

7 types of Flowering Trees and Shrubs (Dogwood Kousa, White Dogwood, Red Chokeberry, Forsythia, Emerald Thuja, Crabapple, Red Weigela)


Supporting New York's fast growing microbrewing industry, OnPoint Garlic has just planted our first round of aromatic hops: Brewer's Gold, Cascade, Magnum, Mt. Hood and Zeus. See the installation of the rigging structure for the hops at right.

How To Grow Garlic

Learn step by step how to plant, grow, harvest and store garlic. We'll take you through the entire process starting with choosing the right garlic variety for your climate and give you tips on when to plant, weed control, irrigation, harvesting methods and much more. Learn to grow garlic...

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"When the day's work is done, we've got the best reward waiting for us, right in our own back yard."
- Francis Luff
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